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About Us

We serve the human experience through the faculties of taste and smell. Evolution has gifted humans with discerning senses, and culture helps us pass this knowledge from generation to generation.

At Aarav, we blend technology with our understanding of human nature to provide a rich and varied carousel of flavours and fragrances.

We are a value-driven family business that believes in long term partnership as we continue to extend our footprint across the globe.


Fragrance has the power to captivate the senses and open new doors of imagination

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Tasty food is one of the sublime joys of life & we are developing unique flavors that delight consumers.


Ingredients can greatly enhance the aroma experience.


Our ISO 9001:2015 & 22000:2005 certified production unit is located in Wada. Advanced machinery operated by highly trained workers guarantees on-time quality production. Batch traceability is ensured from start to finish using advanced material handling and coding systems. On-site quality control ensures that all incoming and outgoing materials meet the highest safety and quality standards. We offer custom blends for any fragrance, owing to an advanced in-house production facility.

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3000 MT
Per Month

OUR Values


Great fragrances and great organizations are built on balance, and contrast provides meaning tobalance. We seek to nurture diverse perspectives and harmonize them to achieve optimumbalance in our ideas and processes.


Identifying goals requires clarity of understanding. Effective execution requires clarity of purpose. Clarity thrives when there is transparency, and transparency requires ethics, curiosity, and fairculture.


We believe that a great company must have morals as robust as its earnings. Integrity – a strongand consistent set of values are central beacons guiding prosperity.



Located in Thane, Aarav House is spread over 55,000 square feet. It has an extensive database of essential oils and aroma chemicals, a large market sample library, and a well-equipped application laboratory.


Our production facility is located in Wada. ISO 9001:2015 & 22000:2005 certified and equipped with advanced machinery operated by highly trained workers to guarantee accurate production.


A multipurpose Ingredients facility is located in Pawane. It serves as a center for R&D, including a production facility with an annual capacity of 80 metric tonnes.


Our office in Geneva helps us extend services to our customers throughout Europe. The Geneva office is dedicated to facilitating business within local time zones.